BBA Airline and Airport Management (International)

BBA	Airline and Airport Management (International) SEVENSTAR INTERNATIONAL BBA
The course package offers university BBA with a professional job oriented diploma consisting exclusive & exceptional features like live international in-flight training, Wi-Fi enabled class rooms, flexible class schedules (part-time study with job) etc. The students can enroll into INTERNATIONAL course package through Regular Mode (CPP/CPOP) & the course and the examinations will be on semester pattern.

The course package becomes Sevenstar as the students will get training of a Job Oriented Diploma- having SIX industrial specializations along with the BBA. ie. (1) Diploma in Ground Handling (2) Diploma in Cabin Crew Management (3) Diploma in Hospitality (4)Diploma in Ship Crew (5)Diploma in IATA/UFTAA (6) Diploma in Customer care.

During the first year of BBA the students will undergo the training of these diplomas and it will help the students to appear in the various national & international Airport/Airline job interviews and helps to get into placement from the first academic year onwards. The university affiliated all BBA courses and III BBA course — Internship Integrated International BBA are available in INTERNATIONAL course package.


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