CRASH Modelling and Finishing Course

CRASH	Modelling and Finishing Course
Our Professional Modelling Course includes our complete Finishing Amazing Courses in One!

Whether you wish to become a model, or are simply seeking to develop your personal image and self-esteem, this is the course for you!



1 Week
Full-time Course

10 Weeks
Part-time Course

Practical Make-up/Beauty Sessions
• The latest tips and make-up trends
• The secret art of contouring, colour selection and shading to enhance or disguise your features
• Selecting the right skin care routine to suit you and your lifestyle
• Assistance with skin problems
• Eyebrow shaping

Deportment, Posture and Body Language
• Learn how to walk confidently into a crowded room, party, job interview etc.
• Correcting any deportment and posture concerns
• Active posture – walking, sitting and standing
• Learning the art of positive body language, shaking hands etc.
• How to embody a positive attitude

Fashion and Wardrobe
• Dress according to your own body shape, colouring, personality and life-style
• How and when to use accessories (scarves, jewellery, hats etc.)
• Dressing on a budget
• Mixing, matching and co-ordinating your wardrobe with style
• Dressing to suit the occasion

Personal Grooming
• Hand and nail care
• Hair care and product selection
• Hair styles to enhance and flatter your features
• Social and Business Etiquette
• Table manners and dining out (cutlery, chopsticks, eating spaghetti etc.)
• Making formal introductions
• Telephone/mobile and social media etiquette
• Dating etiquette
• Style and manners for formal occasions such as weddings, dinner parties etc.

Health and Emotional Well-Being
• Developing self-esteem and a positive body image
• Establishing and maintaining a healthy eating plan for life
• Incorporating exercise into your lifestyle
• Tips on nutritious alternatives for snacks and fast foods
• Building resilience and self-acceptance

Communication Skills
• Meeting and greeting people
• Starting and maintaining a conversation
• Knowing what to say and how to say it
• Effective listening
• The art of a good handshake
• Assertiveness (includes skills on handling bullying and difficult relationships)
• Healthy self-awareness

Speech Enhancement
• Diction, voice projection and modulation
• Public speaking skills
• Breath control and relaxation techniques
• Maintaining calm under pressure and controlling nervous tension

Job Interview and Résumé Writing
• Preparing your résumé
• Job interview skills; questions and answers
• Dressing for success
• Making a positive first impression

Classes are highly practical and are delivered in an entertaining and relaxed manner. Our trainers are experienced industry professionals who are dedicated to enhancing your confidence and personal image, whilst also teaching you the skills and techniques required to pursue modelling. Our practical modelling classes will enable you to ‘trial’ modelling in a non-competitive, happy and encouraging environment.

Includes the complete
Finishing Course and
our Professional
Model Training

Two Amazing Courses in One!
Should you be considering a career as a professional model or are simply seeking to develop your personal image and self-esteem - then this is the course for you!

2 Weeks
Full-time Course

17 Weeks
Part-time Course

Runway and Fashion Parade Training
• How to walk and move like a professional model
• The latest trends in runway parades and showings
• Choreographed routines and model turns
• Includes participation in a real fashion parade!

Television Modelling
• Hands-on workshops in television hosting, commercials and presenting
• Preparation for television auditions and screen tests

Modelling Overview
• Individual direction on how to prepare for a career as a professional model
• Advice regarding reputable modelling, casting and promotional agencies
• How to prepare portfolios and composite cards
• Do’s and Don’ts when modelling
• An insight into showroom and promotional modelling
• Getting started in the modelling industry

Model Make-up
• Learn how to apply a professional model make-up suitable for future modelling work
• Contouring and shading techniques

Photographic Workshops
• Learn how to move, pose and be photographed to ensure the best results
• Participate in a professional photographic session resulting in gorgeous photographs – ideal for your model portfolio


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