MBA Airline and Airport Management (International)

MBA Airline and Airport Management (International) SEVENSTAR INTERNATIONAL MBA
The course package offers university MBA with a professional job oriented diploma consisting exclusive & exceptional features like live international in-flight training, Wi-Fi enabled class rooms, flexible class schedules (part-time study with job) etc. The students can enroll into INTERNATIONAL course package through CPP/SDE Mode & the course and the examinations will be on Semester/ Annual pattern.

The course package becomes Sevenstar as the students will get training of a Job Oriented Diploma- having SIX industrial specializations along with the MBA. ie. (1) Diploma in Ground Handling (2) Diploma in Cabin Crew Management (3) Diploma in Hospitality (4)Diploma in Travel & Tourism (5)Diploma in IATA/UFTAA (6) Diploma in Customer care.

During the first year of MBA/BBA the students will undergo the training of these diplomas and it will help the students to appear in the various national & international Airport/Airline job interviews and helps to get into placement from the first academic year onwards. The university affiliated all MBA courses and III MBA course — Internship Integrated International MBA are available in INTERNATIONAL course package.


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